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Sept. 14, 2005

Note: Due to an oversight by BRM this column was published after the Pitt game.

Sorry about the delay this week. I will publish by Monday night from now on. Let's first discuss the Wake game and then preview what I believe is a very dangerous opponent.

The offense continued its massive struggles; we can't do anything consistently. We don't have a play or package of plays that we can go to, to pick-up a first down. We must establish an offensive personality of some kind. We have no consistency in the running game. One run has accounted for almost half the rushing yards in each game. Zac has missed some throws and has to stop throwing the interceptions but our receivers have had far too many drops. Our running game play-calling really lacks imagination and our passing lacks execution. I like Zac and I think he has talent but his numbers are eerily similar to Joe's. It is one thing if the guy you inherited struggles and another if the QB you picked struggles. I hope this doesn't indicate
that our problems in the passing game are systemic. The line is the
weakest area of the football team and that hurts everything that we do

I don't think this area will improve until we upgrade the talent. If we produce 75 yards in a half in the Big 12, our defense will get worn
down no matter how good they are. The bottom line is, thus far the offense in year two is worse that in year one.

The defensive front seven has been amazing and I believe that we have the talent and depth in this area to keep us in most games. The depth in the line and the athleticism in the linebackers is by far the iggest
improvement on the team. The secondary is still a work-in-progress other than Bullocks. The corners play so passively that they can be picked apart by a good passing team, which we will see this week. We still have a lot of breakdowns in the secondary; Wake would have had a TD had Mauk not gotten Lord Disease and missed the field when he had a wide open receiver.

As for this week, we face a team that is playing poorly. At face value we should get a comfortable win. But Palko is too talented to struggle all year and Lee is a top-flight receiver. Their passing game will attack the weakness of our defense. I believe that we will win, but if they can protect Palko, Pitt will make this a very interesting game.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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