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Oct. 8, 2001

Well, we have a lot to talk about. Best game of the year. Great first half, and then we went flat. Every year I hear how good Iowa State is, and every year it is SOIS (same old Iowa State). As we said, ol' Seneca had never had corners bait him into throwing interceptions like our guys did. He will be a good QB soon because he is a terrific athlete. Our guys lost focus and let them move some, but only after the game was decided.

We now have an illegal formation. The double wing with Davis and Collins on the wings that I have been begging for all year has arrived. It is against NCAA rules because something that is impossible to stop can't be fair. It puts all our best playmakers on the field. We must have averaged 10 yards per play out of it. We can do shovel passes and options that remind me of our old iso options when the Jet was here. It is just the coolest thing. We need to develop enough plays so that if it is working Frank will stick with it .

7 threw the ball well, although he had one real bad read. We left him in the game too long, and that scares me. The difference between good and great is 7, and we can't get him hurt in a blowout. The line still doesn't excite me. But the most exciting thing was getting Davis and Collins in the game and getting them more touches. We can't afford not to use all our weapons. They giive us the speed we have needed.

The rush ends, especially Kelsay, were active. We had more looping and better pressure s on the interior and produced more penetration. Holliwell and Ruud need more playing time. The guys in front of them are good, but these two are too good to sit. The secondary had some breakdowns, but that was mostly concentration after we got way ahead. Booker finally had a big game, although we miss Amos.

I love our special teams, except we have to figure out this placekicking thing. We need to stop missing PATs.

Later in the week, a midseason overview. But i am very excited about our team -- more excited than I have been all year.
-- The Colonel
P.S.: I told you about Colorado.



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