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Oct. 15, 2001

This is more of a midseason recap than about the Baylor game. We got though the game without injuries, and Collins became a bigger factor in the offense. The downside was that 7 had to play too long and we didn't get to work on our passing game. Other than that, we dominated a bad team. In my mind it is a good game to be done with.

At midseason we have an athletic defense that runs to the ball and continues to improve as a pass-rushing unit. With Amos back we have a deep secondary, one that can match-up when Oklahoma spreads the field. The linebackers are solid and Holliwell is a developing star. And Ruud may be the best player on defense now. This guy is amazing and in the big games needs to get the majority of the snaps.

The special teams are night and day from last year, although I don't know why Craver was running back a punt with us ahead 49-7. This has become a team strength. I don't want a game to come down to a field goal, because neither of these guys is steady. Larson is better than we could have hoped for. All in all, better than I expected.

The offensive line is still a worry. We can't pick up fourth and four and fourth and two on Baylor, that is a problem. They aren't bad, they just aren't dominant. Maybe we expect too much.

Putting Collins and Davis in the wing and Wistrom in the slot is the kind of things we need to do. Our offense needs Collins' and Davis's speed and hands and game-breaking ability. Having them in the game gives 7 room to run. We are passing much better because 7 is healthy. We have a good corps of receivers -- much better than it seemed at the start of the year. The biggest difference is 7 is healthy and confidant. He is playing better now all around than he ever has.

Overall the defense that is gaining confidence every week and the special teams (except kicking) are positives. 7 and the passing game and the illegal formation are tremendous. The O-line and the kicking game are worries. The bottom line is we are in much better shape than a year ago. The biggest reason is that 7 is healthy -- and the season depends on him staying that way.

Oklahoma is struggling on offense and they almost lost to K-State. This is a very confusing league this year. I'm not sure we know how good everybody is.
-- The Colonel



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