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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 20, 2000

Well, here we are in position to play a meaningless game for the first time in two years. Or is it? We want to keep the streak of nine-win seasons alive and build momentum for next year. And if K-State and either Va. Tech or Notre Dame lose, I think we are back in the Fiesta Bowl, which I think would help our morale in the off-season. No one wants to go to the Cotton Bowl, and I never, ever want to be part of Thrifty Bowl Week again.

A week's reflection on the K-State game just made me feel worse. This is a game we had no business losing. I hear around town that now we don't have any playmakers on offense. If that is true we didn't have any last year, because these are all the same guys. Don't kid yourself, we have the players. They didn't play up to their capability and our play-calling was suspect. That is why we have two losses. I believe that Frank needs an offensive coordinator, and I hope the team chemistry is better next year, because we have a tremendous amount of returning talent and the tough games will be at home. Nothing would do more to set us up for next year like a shot-in-the-arm trip to a BCS bowl.
-- The Colonel



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