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For 41 seasons, from 1942 through 1983, Lyell Bremser called Husker football games for KFAB radio. His energetic delivery and his knack for turning an unforgettable phrase made him one of a kind. To many fans in the days when TV games were rare or nonexistent, Lyell Bremser was Cornhusker football.

Paul Jacobsen of Wahoo, Neb., has an extensive collection of Husker audiotapes dating back to the upset of Oklahoma on Oct. 31, 1959. He has transcribed many of Lyell's more entertaining calls and posted them here. One in particular that's not posted is one you might already know by heart: Johnny Rodgers' punt return against Oklahoma in the 1971 “Game of the Century.”

The photos on this page show Lyell in the early to mid-1960s (right), early 1970s (middle) and probably the early 1980s (left). But if you were a fan back then, you might have been able to recognize him only by his voice.

Lyell Bremser retired in February 1984 and passed away at age 73 on Sept. 14, 1990. Thanks, Lyell, for the memories!

Looking for more audio? Paul has posted lots of Bremser clips from the 1970s & 1980s. Also, clips from his archives are a regular feature on the Legends Radio Show.  
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