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Week of Oct. 27, 1996

Whew! Someone just took a piano off my back, or at least that's what it feels like. What a relief it was to finally see the offense and Frost in sync. I hope it was a revelation. For weeks, my sources had been saying, "You just wouldn't believe how good this guy looks in practice." Well, maybe he's finally feeling as comfortable on Saturdays as he is on weekdays. Let's hope it's not something that goes away outside the friendly confines of Memorial Stadium.

OK, so maybe the KU defense is mush. Or maybe it isn't, since Colorado managed to score just 20 on them a week ago. But the important thing is that those unforced errors of games past were gone. Frost was seeing his receivers and getting the ball to them. The receivers were catching it. (Is this getting too technical?) Frost showed that he can make a defense pay for overloading against the run or for overplaying the pitch man on the option. This is all good.

Now a few of you have been jumping all over me because I've had the gall to compare Scott Frost with Ernie Sigler. You think I've got something against our QB. That just ain't true! I've said all along that Frost is the man, but that he just has to get better. Look at his passing rating now: 134.3. That's safely out of the Sigler zone and into the Frazier zone (138.1). Another guy I've picked on a little, because of his drops, is Kenny Cheatham, but he made a nice catch Saturday night and actually recovered a fumble. Jeff Lake also made a good grab -- but will the guy ever throw a real block? One guy who surely can block, Aaron Taylor, has simply got to move back over to guard for good. In particular, his snaps in the shotgun are erratic, and it throws off our timing.

I'm feeling so much better now, I won't dwell on the fact that even though we are head and shoulders above everyone else in the conference, this team doesn't appear to have the consistent determination of years past -- and that could be our undoing. Instead, I gotta mention that it sure was swell to see so many home-grown boys do well in prime time on Saturday night. My staff did a little ciphering and came up with this: in-state kids accounted for 548 of our 595 yards rushing and passing, and scored seven of our nine touchdowns. Don't hold your breath waiting for something like that to happen at that pretty school out in Boulder, even though they have twice the number of bodies to choose from.
-- The Colonel



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