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Colonel Mustard

Aug. 10, 1999

Here's how I see things going into fall camp:

Solich is our guy and even though I will criticize him in this space this fall occasionally, I am 100% behind him. The last thing we need is another coaching change. The most important decision of the season is that Newcombe and Crouch must alternate to keep them healthy for the tough games late in the season. If you think that Bobby is better (which I do), then you certainly are a big proponent of this idea. Because as I said last year, Bobby won't make it though the season playing every down. Plus they are two of the five best athletes on the team and you can't keep one of them on the bench.

If Alexander is healthy and ready to go, then we have a great team. In the spring game two years ago he was unstoppable and right before he was hurt he was again. I have given up on Evans because he has burned me too many times to count on him. Whatever we get from him will be a bonus. Butler is a solid back and will help us at some point this year. Miller is a fine running fullback and Davies is the real deal and needs to play.

We need Josh Davis to play wingback because we are desperate for speed at receiver and he has it. He will be this year's version of Bobby Newcombe in '97, returning kicks and being a threat from wingback.

Our line will be much improved because of experience which will greatly help the all important line calls. Freshmen will contribute here in a hurry. Our QBs will do better at calling the audibles with a year under their belts. If you don't think all of this matters, just look back at how much we improved from '96 to '97.

Vanden Bosch and Polk will emerge as great players this year. and we have an array of terrific young rush ends. One of our linemen must become unblockable like Jason Peter. The best chance of this is in Kaiser. He is a playmaker, but Slechta has the most upside. The wild cards are Johnson and Ortiz. These guys need to have more impact if we are going to have a great defense. I wouldn't hesitate to use Stella because I think is going to be a great player and is already too good to not play.

Our kicking game is going to be spotty but Brown does have a strong leg.

One group I forgot to mention is our tight ends. This is the deepest position on the team and has added Trevor Johnson, who is athletic enough to play wide receiver in the Shrine Bowl.

This team is not being talked about as much as our past teams nationally and that's good. I believe we have more talent than any team we play this year, and we must avoid a letdown. Most important is that a big season is critical for Frank. If he decides to alternate his QBs and Alexander is and stays healthy, he will have it.
-- The Colonel



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