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Oct. 13, 1997

I should've gone to Waco. Those radio games are tough on me. Hard telling what in the world is really going on. And then the Osborne show on TV skips all sorts of plays, especially on defense. So the Husker encyclopedia in my head has a blank spot or two. I hate that.

Tom's ticked at the second teams and I can see why. They were very disjointed. But I do think several of our second-unit defenders are coming on. Polk is getting all kinds of playing time and is showing he belongs. Walker is learning as he goes -- he makes a mistake and then a great play (and he needs to replace Wiggins on punt returns before Shevin costs us a game). Swiney just might be the answer at the other corner. He made two great plays that I could see. Ortiz is playing better and starting to contribute. Finley is getting a lot of good press, but I ain't jumping on his bandwagon just yet since the guy has never done anything special when I've been watching him.

On the first unit, Peter is having a spectacular year but is getting almost no fanfare. The guy is on a mission, all the time. (And you can tell he's not O.D.'ing on Pringles during the week like some guys.) On the other side of the ball, what the O-line is doing is something to behold. The backs are getting tremendous blocking, something that just wasn't happening a lot in '96. If the line stays healthy and in sync, there ain't anyone out there who's gonna be able to stop us.
-- The Colonel



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