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Week of Oct. 13, 1996

One of these days I'll figure out how to use e-mail, and then I can get this stuff posted quicker. Oh, well, there wasn't much to say about that Baylor game anyway. The Bears did well to keep us out of the 50s or 60s. Maybe I'd have more to say if the band hadn't played that new "Alma Mater" song. I nodded off and missed most of the second half!

If the defense can keep playing the way it has, this contest down in Lubbock won't be a problem. Ah, the defense! The shame is, they're doing such a good job, we only get to see them for three plays at a time. Savor it, because we're gonna really miss some of those guys next year -- Farley, Williams and Tomich in particular. And pray that Wistrom decides to stick around, because his name is already showing up pretty high on some of the '97 NFL draft lists. Who is gonna step up and fill some of those shoes? Hard telling at this point, but Tony Ortiz, for one, is starting to make strides at linebacker and is crunching people on special teams.

Let's hope the quarterbacking keeps on improving. No. 7 had a few of them dropped against Baylor, or his passing numbers would have been even better. But he still isn't seeing some of the wide-open receivers, and that pass into the turf when Holbein was all alone over the middle was the stuff of nightmares.
-- The Colonel



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