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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 20, 2008

That was a good solid win on Saturday. We soundly defeated a team that is not very good at this point in the season. Ganz is doing a great job in managing the offense that seems to have discovered its identity. Swift has been the go-to receiver all year, and that was never more evident than during the first half. The defense as a whole and particularly the line played very well. The line was extremely disruptive, and hopefully that will continue. We were able to reduce the penalties, but the fumbles are a concern. Iowa State has produced turnovers all year so some of the fumbling is attributable to their ball-hawking.

In the second half we went away from the all-Swift, all-the-time offense of the first half and let them hang in the game. The running game has been much better the last two games out of the spread formations. I don't know that I would risk Ganz in the option game because he is definitely our most valuable player. Cotton has settled on a starting line, and that has helped stabilize the offense. Both Lucky and Helu can be effective in this system, and both displayed versatility Saturday.

The defense played its best game of the year, allowing only one big play and stopping Iowa State in sudden-change situations. The line was particularly effective, consistently getting penetration and making plays in the backfield. The defense has shown a marked improvement the last weeks. They played a solid game against Texas Tech, which is impressive since both Dillard and Glenn were out.

We beat a team that we should have beaten last week and face the same situation this week. Baylor has a very good young QB, but this is a game we should win. The offense has controlled the last two games, and hopefully that will continue. A big part of our improvement has been the offense's ability to control the clock. Our kicking game and return game have been good all year. We need to find a punter because I don't know what has happened to Titchener. We need to take care of business this week and get one step closer to the all-important bowl bid.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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