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Colonel Mustard

April 22, 2002

That was a lackluster game. In the first half there was a combined 150 yards. No spark and very few playmakers. It appears to me that the overall talent level is down. Our offensive line looked very rough. The defensive line applied pressure all day. We didn't show anything on offense and I'm sure by design. We really lack talent at receiver. Thomas is fine but inconsistent holding onto the ball. I think we have a good set of tight ends and not much else.

Ross and Simmons are fast and elusive. Ross can catch the ball. These guys don't need to spend the year as the 4th and 5th I-back's. Davies was his old self. As I suspected, we learned nothing about Lord. Stuntz is a good athlete and moves in the pocket very well. He will be at least a solid backup in the Blakeman mold. Dukes is the real deal. He ran all the plays and is a fine passer and good runner. He is everything that we had heard. He was calm and has a good presense about him. He didn't read through his progressions much in the passing game. But he made a couple of checkdown throws to the backs. This guy is the answer -- it is just a matter of when.

On defense, Williams is Farley -- fast and all over the field. Sievers was very impressive. Overall the defensive line was good, but that could be because our O-line is struggling. The Bullocks brothers are impressive athletes and will help us this year.

This was not an impressive performance. We need to unclog the I-backs and move some of them to receiver and get our act together on the O-line. I did not come away from the game encouraged about our team.
-- The Colonel



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