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Colonel Mustard

Dec. 9, 1997

The best game we've played all year. If we had played like that last week, we would have beaten the Vermin like a drum. When we've got it together, no one in the country can touch us. A Michigan game would no contest. Tennessee is, as my partner Joe calls them, a soft team. They will score some on us, but their defense won't even slow us down.

I was happy that the team seemed very pleased to win the Big 12 title. We left the starters in the game way too long for my taste. I worry about injury and also that the backups look rusty, particularly London.

Turning to recuiting, I think it is imperative that we sign two super QBs and some rush ends. Newcombe is too valiable to play QB -- I don't care what anyone says. He is the second coming of the Jet. I have never seen anyone with his versitility. Randy Stella from Benson has yet to commit, but he would be a great speed linebacker. I looked at one of my preseason mags, and they didn't rate any of our freshmen in the top 50, and yet seven are contributing to the best team in the country.

Colonel Jr. and I are going to the Orange Bowl, so we will be reporting from there.
-- The Colonel



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