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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 8, 1999

A good win against a solid team. This was a big game going in, and we played very well. Our defense was as good as I have ever seen it. Booker has beaten out Finley. Their receivers were covered and our DBs were in perfect position. The long pass they tried right before the half confirms that Slocum is not real bright. We got a good pass rush with less blitzing. I don't think A&M was that bad -- it was that we were that good.

On offense, four trips inside the 20 in the first half for 6 points -- this has just got to stop. Our execution suffers when we get close. I love the new double wing set because it gets more playmakers in the game. It was out of that set that Rodgers scored the first TD that led to a rout over a highly rated K-State team in '70. Bobby would have scored on the first play if he hadn't dropped the ball. I like it because we use only one big back and it opens the field. The threat of the reverse and the first-down pass made our power running game go. Alexander ran tough but he has got to stop fumbling. Frank did a good job of getting the plays in. Crouch was not sharp passing, but he is a good but not great thrower so he will have off days.

All this brings us to the Cats. We must not allow a big play from their special teams, and they make a lot of them. We must stop their running game and make their QBs beat us. And I don't think they can. Our offense must be creative and spread the field. If we do, I believe our power runnning game will work because their defense is fast but not real big. If we break even in the kicking game and don't turn the ball over, we will win.
-- The Colonel



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