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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 16, 1998

I still can't believe we lost. I know there are many what-ifs from this game, but one thing I'm sure of is that if Alexander doesn't get hurt, we win. No matter what else happens.

We can throw play-action passes all day on first down. Did you see how long Crouch had to throw? He is the QB next year because we need both of them on the field. Bobby plays WB because it's good for the team and he will play WR in the pros. But Crouch came of age and played great. He has a fine arm and runs the option very well. And he also knows how to play under control. His hestitation on a QB draw on the last TD drive and his last TD pass to Jackson were special.

Our defense continues to put no pressure on the passer. We never look like we are in control on defense. Kelsay his been superb, but no one else has stepped up. Vanden Bosch has to play more because he makes things happen.

The bottom line is that I'm really tired of losing and having to watch Frank put a happy face on it. I'm a huge supporter of Frank, but again on Saturday we couldn't get the plays in and had consecutive delay penalties. But the good news is that our team is finally mad and I think tired of this. Second: the best team in K-State history is one play better than our worst team in 20 years at home. And last is that next year your team will feature an experienced Crouch at QB and Miller at FB and cousin Matt and Bobby at WR and Wistrom and DeBates at TE and Alexander and I think a top 5 hotshot tailback recruit. Running behind a line with four returning starters and a veteran defense. I can't wait till next year.
-- The Colonel



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