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Aug. 15, 2001

Much to talk about, starting with Husker Century on NETV. If you missed it, buy the tape. Hearing the Bobfather call things "real fine" again was fun.

On to our old friend Bobby. He was raised to be a star, as one of my friends told me about his son. And when 7 was the star and not 12, 12 decided not to play. He was the chemistry problem last year and rarely gave a good effort. He didn't want to be out there, a blind man could see it in a minute. He will be an addition by subtraction.

Frank was right to throw Stella of the team, although I hated to see it. With his head on straight he was a playmaker, which we are sorely in need of this year.

We are going to discuss the season over the next few days. But, a few thoughts to mull on. If 7 has 100 carries by the end of September, that is a bad sign. Collins and Diedrick will be thunder and lighting. With Collins as the starter and Diedrick as the change of pace. Collins has what we really need, speed at I-back. Are we going to waste all of Davis's career before we make him a WB? Brown and Kabongo need to start in the line. Burrow will be fine, we are deep at corner which is good, and Richenberger needs to play at speed linebacker. More to follow.

One last thought: Colorado scares me.
-- The Colonel



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