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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 16, 2000

We played the best game of the year against a pretty solid team. We were dominant on offense. We could make 8 yards on any toss sweep or iso play that we ran. The defense was aggressive, although we shouldn't read too much into that because Tech had slow receivers. We belted Kingsbury all night, and that has been a success for us before.

Great to get Crouch out of the game early, and he didn't take a lot of hits. I hope we can sit him early this week and he is 100% for Oklahoma. Tech's defense was small but we blew the biggest holes in them I have seen in a long time. Bobby got his touches and we spread the ball around. This was the offensive team that I thought we would be seeing all year. Diedrick and Grixby were both quick and elusive. I think we should use one of them as a change of pace back in our regular rotation. Lord is a good runner , who looks to run very quickly on pass plays. You can tell that is what he is most comfortable with. I really want to see him pass more. But he runs the team quite well and seems well prepared. We got to play so many people that even the Colonel was scrambling for the program.

Stella may have come of age. He was all over the field like he was in the spring. Watchorn isn't a great athlete but he makes plays, which is what we needed. I was impressed with Penny and Ricketts. It is great to see the backups play.

More than anything we hit the QB in the face over and over again. Sooner or later they get tired of that.

The bottom line is that was our best performance of and year and i wonder where this team has been. Wherever it was, I am glad to have them back. I told myself that I wouldn' t talk about Oklahoma, but I can't help myself. They are back quicker than I thought they would be. We have to outscore them. Frank must feel as though he must score every time we get the ball. Play for the big play on defense, turnovers and sacks. Momentum changers. K-State and ol' Bill seem to always clutch up in big games. I think it's because they play so few.

Let's smash Baylor and rest our people and get ready for what should be a terrific Oklahoma game. We will need our game faces on for that one. How many times will Rodgers' punt return be replayed that week?
-- The Colonel



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