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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 8, 2007

That was one of the worst performances of the last 45 years. Even now that we have become accustomed to getting blown out, the lack of progress the game showed is disappointing. Our team was lifeless and seemed confused. The defensive problems of the last month were magnified in this game. We seemed to lack a plan on offense. We couldn't run the ball and receivers dropped passes again. The line had pass-pro problems once we fell behind and for the fist time Sam was rattled. Sam threw his helmet after one poor possession. I normally don't like that behavior but in this case at least someone displayed some emotion and fire. It is going to take strong leadership from the coaches and players to get this turned around.

What have we seen in the season so far? We opened with solid wins over bowl teams in Nevada and Wake. Then we were overwhelmed by USC and struggled with Ball State and ISU. Now we go to Missouri and play very poorly and get blown out. In the second half of this season, every game that we play is a toss-up. There are no obvious wins left on the schedule. The way we played Saturday, we will not win any of these games. Bill got us turned around after the Kansas disaster of '05. We have to hope that he can do it again.

Now as fans what should we do now? This season has been a big disappointment to all of us. But what can we do about it? I believe that the booing that occurred two weeks ago was inappropriate. But to everyone involved in the program, that booing was a warning. We don't boo anybody at Nebraska — we applaud teams when they beat us. For these fans to boo illustrates just how frustrated they are. I agree that it is wrong to boo but to the program it expresses the fans' (their customers) dissatisfaction with the product on the field. I think fans who are frustrated with the course of the program need to vote with their dollars. That will make a quicker and bigger impact than booing at the game. For me, I plan on going to the game and rooting for the team. As a fan, that is the course that I have chosen. None of us is happy about where we are and how things are progressing. I am going to go and cheer and hope for the best. But if you as a fan are beyond that point, nothing will speak louder than your empty seat and lack of dollars.

Okie State comes to town with a high-powered offense and suspect defense this Saturday. It will be interesting to see if the stadium is full and the mood of the crowd. I will be there, and I hope that the crowd will be extremely supportive. The team can certainly use our help.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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