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Colonel Mustard

Dec. 1, 1997

We have totally lost perspective on things. We are 11-0 and it's not enough, like if we go undefeated and finish second in the nation that the season has been a letdown. Like if we aren't anointed No. 1 by all those Rhodes Scholars who fill out the poll ballots, it has been a bad season.

I thought that in Boulder our team played as if they had to prove to the world that they are good. They weren't playing the Vermin, they were playing against the polls. They weren't playing with confidence. This mentality almost cost us the game against a bad Vermin team.

I think the fans are a big part of the problem. We are spoiled. People I watched the game with said this was like a loss. Why? So if Michigan loses its bowl game and we go 13-0 our season is a huge success. If Michigan wins and we go 13-0 our season is a disappointment. How does this make any sense?

We play a game Saturday for a championship that we have never won and the outcome of which is totally in our control. Yet this title is an afterthought compared to a title that we have no control over. Let's support our team and enjoy how great they are instead of making them feel like only one thing will make us happy. Our team only has to play its normal game. Forget the fickle pollsters and the fans' impossible expectations, and we will bring home our first Big 12 championship.
-- The Colonel



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