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Week of Oct. 6, 1996

We were just way too much for them, weren't we? OK, so I'm not sure Kansas State is the team they were last year (when they could've whupped Florida), but their defense is still one of the best around. And we went down to their place and just wore 'em down. This game was pivotal, and we made a pivot in exactly the right direction. The offensive line is getting better, and of course the defense was magnificent -- maybe the best I've seen us against a quality opponent. It seems like everyone's getting better:

  • Ralph Brown. They're still trying to pick on him, but it's hardly ever working anymore. Of course, it helps to have both Booker and Fullman healthy and back there with him.
  • DeAngelo Evans. Suddenly, he's the best back we've got. When he makes a cut, he explodes instead of slogs. Just work on holding on to that ball, DeAngelo! Those two bobbles could have really cost us.
  • The offensive line. After coming up flat in the first two games, they simply had to get better, or we were in deep doo-doo. It took them a quarter or so to take control down in Manhattan, but they got it done.
Now, that brings us to who isn't getting any better. Admit it: You shudder when he puts a ball in the air. You fill with dread when you see he's audibling. You expect nothing beyond three yards and a cloud of green plastic when he runs the option. The season is no longer young. When will he spark this offense instead of hold it back? When will he consistently hit a target smaller than the side of a barn? You know he's got the tools, but right now he's like Mr. Goodwrench without any manuals. I'm just floored by it.

Booing won't help, and it ain't our style anyway. We must all hope and pray for him to somehow get better. In the big games at the end of the season, we will need decent play at that position. We knew he couldn't be the next Tommie Frazier, but at this rate he'll go down as the next Ernie Sigler.
-- The Colonel



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