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Sept. 1, 2005

Sorry about the lull in my reporting, but the new season is here and it is time to get back at it. We have had an interesting off-season highlighted by perhaps the best recruiting class in our history. This is a difficult season to handicap because many of the newcomers will play a key role on this year's team. And because of the closed practices most of us have not had the opportunity to see these players in action. Next week we will have a review on many of the newcomers after the Maine game. One thing I won't do is repeat the mistake of drawing too many conclusions from this game as I did after last year's opener.

The talent level this year will be much improved. At QB Joe was a great kid and a stand-up guy but ill-suited to this offense. Zac is a dart-thrower, he doesn't appear to be real mobile and has a good but not great arm; however, he is extremely accurate. He is the most accurate QB we have had since Brook. He is smart, poised and has something to prove. This a good combination. He will have a big year if our protection holds up. The line should be better with a year in the system. We need to improve the talent level in this group but Wagner is a highly respected line coach. TE will be a blocking position without Herian. At WR Hardy is supposed to be a big-time player with good speed. Brooks was having a good fall and should be ready to play soon. I am anxious to see him in action. I believe that Nunn will have a break-out year and will be the star among the receivers. He developed a great deal as last season progressed. LeFlore and Fluellen can't seem to stay healthy which is unfortunate because we need both of them this year. I thought that Ross had a terrific year in difficult circumstances. Jackson is a strong runner and if Lucky and Glenn are everything they are cracked up to be, this position will be a team strength.

On defense the newcomers should be a huge factor. They will provide needed depth along the line and raise the athleticism and depth of the linebackers. The secondary is a concern other than Bullocks. Grixby and Green have talent but are small and inexperienced respectively. Everyone who has seen him raves about Bowman and I am excited to see him play. It would appear that Jackson needs to take over the other safety job. The talent level and depth are better so the extent of the improvement will hinge on coaches putting the players in a better position to succeed this year.

The most important factor in the success of this season lies with the coaches. Can they make the transition to the college game? On defense the coaching should be improved now that they are aware that the college rules on secondary contact are different than the pros. On offense Bill has a QB that fits his style and they have a year in the system. He has players who want to be here and not the ones he inherited. I felt that the staff had a very poor regular season last year and a fantastic recruiting season. The talent is improved and the schedule couldn't have set up better. Those factors should definitely leads to more wins. How many more will depend on the coaches' ability to adapt to the college game and improve their game-day coaching.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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