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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 18, 2004

That was very good game plan on Saturday. Run to set up the pass and get into the I-formation and run behind number 45. Joe was much more effective when he was not the focus of the game plan. We have a pair of excellent I-backs and a speed back to use. This is a strategy we can win with. As far as recruits go, what is the bigger news — 20 attempts or 342 yards. I know the answer. Joe was a different player Saturday and will be more consistent the rest of the year in this plan. Fluellen back at full speed is huge addition because we can now stretch the field. All in all a very good offensive showing albeit against a relatively weak opponent.

Special teams were improved as well. Jackson had a big game returning kicks, and Ross's style makes him a natural punt returner. I still think Dyches is the answer on the place-kicking side — that was an ugly 20 yarder.

I know we need better athletes overall, but Baylor doesn't have better athletes than we do. Our secondary was rated the best in the nation preseason and they gave up 300 yards to Baylor. This were not at garbage time — they moved though us easily in the 3rd quarter. Our defensive scheme is too passive. We need better players in the front 7, speed at linebacker and pass-rushing linemen. But with the same players our defense and even our secondary is not playing as well as last year. Wisconsin's defense beat the Heisman front runner, so they are better than last year. At times their receivers were open by a 3rd of the field. Something is missing from last year. I believe our players miss Bo and Sanders a great deal.

The bottom line is all of this offensive improvement won't mean much if the defense doesn't improve. I think Bill's late hire put him behind on hiring his staff. Hopefully he will be able to improve his staff this off-season. As for K-State, they do have athletes that are at least our equal. They have a hot QB in Meier; if he plays, this will be a tight game. If not, I believe that we can pull out a nice road win. Bill, make Kriewald your friend and remember how well things worked this week.

GBR. Keep the faith.
-- The Colonel



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