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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 21, 1999

Get your game faces on. It is time to get fired up. It seems like we haven't played in a month. And the Colonel sat in the snow last week at Colorado State, so I am ready for a game.

Here is how I see it. First of all we have a better team than they do, but we did the last two times also. I believe we will win by a least 10 points if we do the following:

1) Hit Applewhite on every play.

2) Hit Applewhite on every play.

3) Stay diverse on offense.

If we rattle Applewhite he will make mistakes. We are using all our weapons on offense now and that makes us very difficult to stop and I don't think Texas can do it. I am very excited for this game and very confident.
-- The Colonel



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