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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 2, 2008

That was a solid win to open the Bo era at Nebraska. It appears we have a good team that is capable of getting to a bowl game. The offense was able to move the ball through the air. Our inability to run the ball was disconcerting considering the emphasis that was placed on it by the new staff. Glenn is a revelation as a linebacker and the defense stopped the run very well but could not generate any pass rush. The overall talent there will need to be upgraded, but the players we have will now be developed and motivated.

I have never understood why Swift is so unrated — he has good hands, can get open and makes big plays. Holt fought a pass out of his hands, but he adds a dimension that the passing game requires. Ganz made three perfect throws, produces yards and moves well in the pocket. He throws the ball in to tight spaces, but he will need to be more careful with the ball. He now has nine picks in four games, and our defense is not good enough to overcome turnovers. Helu is very quick and seems to have good field vision. Lucky is what he has always been, a good receiver with poor field vision who goes down very easily. Western stacked the line, but the running remains a work in progress after several years of emphasis on the passing game. The pass protection was very good, and Ganz did a nice job of avoiding the rush when a breakthrough occurred.

Defensively, Glenn looks like he is a star in the making. I thought Western did us a favor every time they ran the ball. Our inability to generate any pass rush put the pass defense in a tough spot, and Western exploited it. Bo is an excellent defensive mind and I am confident he will develop a plan to create a pass rush.

The kickers were excellent as they were last season. Both of them have developed into dependable weapons, which is important considering how many close games we figure to play this season. I was very impressed with Paul as a return man. He has a quick first step on punt returns and is decisive on kickoff returns. Titchener didn't have a great day, but his history indicates that he will rebound.

We have a team that is in transition. Bo has inherited a team whose talent was vastly overrated by the recruiting pundits His first recruiting class was solid and I think as the season progresses more of the young players will be in the lineup. The bottom line is that we have we have the right guy coaching our team. It is a tremendous relief to me that our program is on the right track. It was difficult over the last four years when I knew that we had the wrong guy in charge of the program. I had never been in that position and hope to never be in it again. Bo is the right guy, and better days are ahead. Support him and give him a chance to build his program.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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