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Oct. 25, 2001

This is predicated on all the injured players playing.

When Oklahoma has the ball. We must get pressure, and that would be best if we could do it without blitzes. Heupel read and hurt us when we blitzed last year. We will see if White can. Craver has to play so that we have two lockdown corners. They will burn Swiney if he has to play too much. You can count on us being in the dime package all day. Ricketts and McPherson have to come up big. Look for sets with Bland playing close to the line and Amos and Booker deep. We will have six DBs but mix up the combinations. Our depth on the D-line will serve us well in this game as we can rotate fresh rushers. Look for Ruud and Hollowell to play a great deal because we need their speed to match up with the tight end Smith and the running backs. Shanle did a great job on Mizzou's Blakley so he can play a role here too. I believe we can hold them to 21 or less if Craver plays at 100%. If not we may have problems with the match-ups.

When we have the ball. They never stopped the illegal formation last year -- Frank just stopped using it. We have better weapons this year than last. Collins and Davis must get their touches. I would mix this with the Maryland-I and see if we can hit them in the face and wear them down. Their speed is amazing, so if we didn't all our playmakers on the field with it, I would recommend against the illegal formation. We are leathal out of this set and I want to see if they can stop it. 7 has to make good decisions and throws in the passing game. With no drops. We are going to get chances to hit passes, and we can't afford to miss. 7 doesn't need the game of his life, but he needs 100 rushing and probably 150 passing with at least 55 to 60% completions.

Coaching. Last year this was a huge mismatch. Frank and his staff got badly outcoached. Frank had the best plan going in and did a terrible job during the game. If he won't or can't make adjustments during the game, we won't win. Stoops and his boys are just too smart. I want this game to be a defining moment for Frank and 7. 7 has carried the team more than any other of our great QBs, but he needs a win in a big game. Frank needs it for confidence and to establish himself among the great coaches.

This game hinges on Frank's ability to adjust. I think Oklahoma has a little better talent, which is offset by us being home. This game comes down to coaching. I think it is low-scoring and very close. Be loud and hope Frank is up to the challenge.
-- The Colonel



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