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Colonel Mustard

Jan. 5, 2001

Sorry this is so late but it has been a long week. I think it is interesting that Northwestern was overrated only after we pounded them. We put a beating on them in a manner that probably no one else could have. It was the game tape that you can watch over and over and enjoy. Crouch still has his injury problems. But he ran very well and Bobby played like I thought he would all year.

This is without a doubt the most confusing team I can ever remember. We got a pass rush and were active in the secondary. Vanden Bosch and Newcombe could have made the season if they had played like this all year.No matter what, it was fun to smash the Big 10 champs and it showed how much talent that we really had. The problem this year was chemistry and I believe that I know the source. Next year we will be better off without that problem. The young I-backs, particuliarly Collins, were very quick and elusive. We were absolutely unstoppable on offense. But the defense and the special teams that struggled all year were terrific, and that gives one a lot of hope.

I will address next year next week. The strangest season I can ever remember is over, and I still don't what to make of it. But it is not good when the Sporting News's college football editor is writing about why Nebraska's season didn't work out.
-- The Colonel



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