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Jan. 3, 2000

It is nice to know that we can still physically pound someone. I thought the game would go on all night, we had to stop so often to haul off damaged Vols. The MVP was the O-line. The biggest play was the perfect throw from Crouch to Bowling on 3rd and 13 in the second half. After that play they never even slowed us down.

We got stopped in the second quarter because we started running wide and playing to Tennessee's strength. Crouch threw very well and ran the team. Frank adjusted and took momentum back in the second half. This game will give our O-line confidence for next year. Miller played a great game and bodes well for next year. Our I-backs ran tough but we need more speed at that position. Putting Bobby back on punts and kickoffs as the deep man isn't enough. He needs more touches yet. We need to look at how we used Rodgers and use those plays again. The shovel pass out of the double wing is a swell play.

The defense did a good job on the run, but we couldn't get much pressure on ol' Tee through the middle of the game. We blitzed and they picked up. That was disappointing. We used Walker as a blitzer again. He will move to LB next year. We miss Slechta on the pass rush.Wills threw Henry down with one hand on a sweep. That was fun to watch.

As for the highlight of the year, I am torn. I loved watching Applewhite running for his life and flinging the ball everywhere, and our 0-line hitting the Vols in the mouth and watching them being dragged off the field. But for me it was watching Frank smile after the Big 12 championship game. His relief had to be tremendous. This was a difficult season that gave us a lot of heartburn through the middle, but we finished on such a high note that it will give us a reason to smile all winter long.

Just think -- a year ago we had lost during Thrifty Bowl Week. We have come a long way. I don't ever want to be part of Thrifty Bowl Week again.
-- The Colonel



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