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Colonel Mustard

Dec. 27, 2000

This is a big game for Frank. If he wins, it will take some of the wolves from his door. I am hearing dissatisfaction with him from both serious and casual fans. Two years ago it was more from the casual, and the serious were saying give him a chance. I think he needs a play caller, but I like Frank's intensity. I hope for his sake more than any other reason that we win.

If we play our game and they play theirs, we win. We are better than they are. I worry that our players are not into this game and might get beat because these guys can score. Crouch is hurt and we will have to see how that affects him. It would be a great confidence boost for Bohl and the defense if they can stop these guys. I want to see the young I-backs.because they need the big-game experience and we rarely can give it to them in a better situation.

By the way, I saw Titus Adams play for Prep and he is the real deal. Huge guy who can move -- he was all over the field. If you get depressed, scan the roster as I did recently. One forgets all the young talent on this team. Try it, you will like it.

It should be a high-scoring game and fun to watch. We need a tape of a game like last year's Fiesta Bowl. You can watch the whole thing and enjoy every minute. We haven't played a great game all year, this would be the perfect time. And Frank could sure use it. Stick by Frank; he will get us there.
-- The Colonel



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