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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 18, 2006

Overall our performance was not bad at all this week. The talent difference was not all that great except for their receivers against our secondary, which was not a surprise. We hung in there with a very good team and played hard right to the end of the game. This game does not define our season or change the team's goal. A competitive game in my mind is a neutral conclusion. A great deal has been made of Bill's conservative strategy in the game. As many of you know I am not Bill's biggest fan. However in this case I had no problem with the way he handled the game. One factor I believe in the strategy was to protect Zac. An injury to Zac greatly damages our season in one play. Against a fast aggressive defense Bill didn't to expose Zac to the pass rush for the length of time to throw deep. Whether you agree with or not I think that was in his mind. This strategy was working well into the second half. Without our fumble or if we would have caught any of the three dropped INTs, it have carried us deeper into the game. I disagreed with some of the tactical decisions on both sides of the ball, but not the strategy.

Observations and Questions

  1. The Coliseum was a huge disappointment. Poor scoreboards and seats a long way from the action
  2. Where is Octavien?
  3. Why don't we ever throw to Swift anymore?
  4. Why do we have linebackers cover WRs?
  5. I heard a great deal about our corners, but the safeties did nothing in this game.
  6. If you taped the game, watch McKeon on Turner's pass -- he showed great recognition and hustle.
  7. USC has as fast a defense as I have ever seen.
We need to focus on Troy at this point because they appear to be a challenge. We emerge from this game with the confidence that we can play with the best teams in the country. That fact will help us the rest of the season. If you look at the USC as a missed opportunity I understand that. I just happen to agree with Bill this time.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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