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Colonel Mustard

Dec. 1, 2003

We are experiencing something that is happening for the first time I can remember. We have fired a coach. This is a difficult concept for us in Nebraska. We are loyal and understanding here. But with unparalleled fan support and by far the longest sellout streak in the nation, right or wrong 9 wins and a Holiday Bowl bid don't cut it. Remember how disappointed you were with a Holiday Bowl bid in '98, and now we are pleased. That says a lot. I thought Steve did a great job of expressing the expectations at Nebraska. There are probably five programs in the country that understand. This money-making machine won't stand on 8-8 Big 12 records and minor bowl bids. Right or wrong, that won't feed the monster. Frank is great guy, but not the guy to keep us on top. This is not opinion, this is the way the facts have played out. Pederson is the guy who is paid to make this decision. He has to live with it and is the only guy responsible. As a guy who has had to make tough decisions and have them be seconded-guessed and criticized, I understand; he is the guy on the spot. It is much harder where he is than being in a position to comment on the results after the fact. I have great faith in Steve, and if he thinks changing coaches is the right choice, I support it. He has to live with a bold decision. He must feel strongly that this is the right answer because to me the easy and perhaps popular choice was to give Frank another year. I have great respect for Steve that he was willing to take the heat for making the decision that he felt was needed to move the program forward. My support and faith are with him.

It seems that it is Bo's job to lose. I don't have a strong opinion for a successor. I believe we need to go for a younger and up-and-coming guy. I hope this hire will be the coach for the next 20 years. Bo would be a radical choice, but there is some logic behind it to keeping a great deal of the current staff together. Gill should leave -- he is obviously not in our plans. My gut feeling after the press conference is that Steve is thinking of going with Bo. We will see.

As for the game. That was a very nice win and be honest, you were a little surprised and very pleased that we won. That speaks volumes. Our defense bent and eventually got the int's. On offense our execution errors on short yardage and on the long pass to Fluellen kept it from being a blowout. Why does Davis continue to field the ball inside the 10? Anyway, that was a great way for Frank to go out, the team winning for him.

The bottom line is that we are going to have a new coach. It really doesn't matter if you and I agree with it or not -- the guy we pay to decide has decided. I am behind him and am confident he will find the best man for the job.

Keep the faith in Pederson. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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