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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 2, 1998

A devastating defeat. Demoralizing! Your football team has no heart and no fire in its belly. Texas was giving up and trying to lose the whole third quarter, and we wouldn't take the game.

I put my heart and soul into this team, and my dad died of a heart attack after a game 22 years ago. So i come by my commitment honestly. So if I put that much into the team, the least I should expect from them is an effort. And Saturday I didn't get that. My team was sleepwalking all day. We couldn't move the ball on a poor Texas defense and never did get any pass rush on Applewhite.

Don't misunderstand -- this isn't about winning and losing, it's about giving it your best effort. Not only was the team flat, but so was the crowd. Anymore whenever you stand up to cheer some fat-ass is telling you to sit down. If you just want to sit and watch and not cheer, then stay home and give your ticket to someone who will root.

My coaching staff was disorganized again. We lost over a minute off the clock at the end of the first half, and we got another illegal sub penalty. Texas was jamming the middle and crowding the line, and we never adjusted. Jackson wasn't open all day -- he was alone. He is our biggest receiving threat, and the last few games we have ignored him.

Crouch got into the game way to late. Playing Monte made us all feel good, but he is limited. Before Crouch got into the game, we didn't have any playmakers in the backfield. He missed Wistrom when he was open, but he hasn't played in a month and was sure to be a little rusty. Monte wouldn't have scored on Crouch's run. We need Crouch's arm and speed in the game. Alexander is starting to look like himself again. He needs to get 20 carries in a game and see what he can do. The defense has to attack the offense and not read and react. Our defense isn't built that way.

My team did not repay my devotion to them with an honest effort, and that disappoints me. This team can give up and be like the 1990 team or regroup and finish the season with a rush. I will be waiting to see.
-- The Colonel



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