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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 18, 2003

Well, that is twice in my life that I have watched K-State beat us in Lincoln. This one was much worse than the first. At least the Kansas streak is still intact. We played a decent first half. They had a lucky play to set up their TD, and we had a lucky play to score. All in all, an even game. Then in the 3rd quarter, Lord misses a wide-open guy, gets creamed and throws the interception. We miss a couple more open throws and abandon the running game, and we are done. They had a better team with more talent. But the most glaring difference in the game was that their senior QB executed and ours didn't. Poor game in a big game -- unfortunately, the same old story. We have fallen to the mid-level of the Big 12 and can't compete with the upper echelon of the league. This 2-year trend is clearly a new and unwelcome development. For 40 years, conference and national championships have been our goals. Now it appears we must be satisfied with winning seasons and minor bowls.

Several positives out of the game included the play of Ross. He had a good game against a tough run defense. He seems to be the answer to our I-back rotation. Larson is amazing and will kick in the pros for a long time. Williams makes so many great plays they are too numerous to mention. When someone gets slammed down it is almost always 7 who pops up. I was impressed that Bo and Sanders told their DB's to be aggressive late in the game. Even if it cost us a couple of late scores it is better to try and win and not be willing to lose comfortably. Bo going after Snyder for running up the score showed some fire, and our program needs that. Whether Snyder ran the score up or not doesn't really matter; losers worry about that. It was the fire and intensity that our program lacks and sorely needs.

Now we go to Boulder to play a hot CU team that is playing for a bowl. It will be interesting to see how motivated we are. I would think that Joe would get time. It certainly can't hurt anything and we build for next year. Many people complained that Lord didn't get enough time behind 7 and now it looks as though we are doing the same thing. If Frank is sure he is coming back, he needs to use these last two games to prepare for next year. If he believes he is playing for his job, he will take a different tack. Money will tell the story on Frank's future. Pederson needs 40+ mill., and that is going to be hard to raise if the perception is that the program is not progressing. Steve is in a tough spot, but his guys are out on the fund-raising trail and it would interesting to know what kind of feedback they are getting. Saturday just made the whole situation a lot tougher.

Keep the faith. We will be back one way or the other. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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