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Colonel Mustard

Aug. 31, 1998

A mixed bag of good and unsettling news. We looked very efficient and balanced on offense. I thought that Bobby got us into the right play most of the time. I only saw a couple of times that he ran us into the strength of the defense. We ran to the side that was short of defenders and threw when the safety came up too close. I was afraid as I said in the spring that he might get hurt. At press time we don't know his status but he is not a big guy and will take a lot of punishment. I hope he holds up. If he can't go this week it will be a good chance to see what Crouch can do. He looked very good on the long throw that cousin Matt was interfered with. Buckhalter ran tough and seems solid. But my man Alexander runs tentatively. The line was good and overall the offense responded when they scored in the third quarter. Bobby was accurate passing but couldn't get any room on the option. And he won't get any until Evans returns. You could tell they were going to stop Bobby first.

The disappointing thing about the defense was that Tech kept running the same two plays over and over. My favorite sandlot play, the double cross. We never could stop it in the second half. At one point they ran the same play three times in a row. I think that our men just let up and had too many guys out of position. But we had no pressure on this guy Rattay at all. Also, on burnt toast's first play they beat him for 80 yards. We are never far enough ahead to let him play.

Walker and Brown give us a big edge on special teams with the field position they create. I love the new punt play with Lance "Hands" Brown catching the coffin-corner kick instead of letting it bounce.

And remember this is a bridge team, no matter how good we are this year. We will have a great team next year.
-- The Colonel



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