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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 8, 2005

That was a disaster. We were smashed by an average Kansas team. We were never really in this game even though at one point the score was close. We displayed very little intensity and a lousy and ineffective game plan on both sides of the ball. McKeon had a big game and I think he is both a leader and a winner. I could spend a great deal of time delineating the problems with our team but that would be redundant to previous columns. Clearly our program has regressed and the decline is much sharper than it was from Tom to Frank. Frank took us from a great team to a good team and Bill has taken us from a good team to a lousy team. The good news that I think K-State may even be worse than we are at this point and therefore I think we will win.

Many of you have thought that I have become too negative over the last few years. Perhaps that is because I have witnessed a steady decline of a program that the national championship ran through for the better part of 40 years. At this point I believe that it is time to stop commenting on what is clearly wrong with a coaching staff that consistently overmatched by coaches who are in jeopardy of losing their jobs. If you disagree with me tell me what this staff is doing that you like. I am here to offer a positive solution. I 800-SOS Monte Kiffin . I would cut our loses and tell Bill thanks and there are NFL jobs available. Monte would bring his son Lane back as OC. He is a great recruiter and the OC of the best offense in 20 years. Monte would then pick the hottest defensive assistant in the NFL as his DC. Monte brings more impressive NFL credentials than Bill without the arrogance and the baggage. He is in his 60s but he is a Nebraskan and would answer the SOS. He could also recruit a super staff because of his credability and the chance to succeed him. It obviously would be very disruptive and I supported Frank for a long time because continuity is important. But the complete lack of progress makes me believe that this is our best course of action. I believe that is the way out of the mess that we are in. Bill will almost certainly be retained and if he is I will continue to support the program and wish him success and hope that I am wrong.

Go Saturday and root hard for the players.

Keep the Faith
-- The Colonel



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