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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 15, 1999

The game was not as close as the score indicated. We were dominant from the start and much more physical. Frank did a great job in the first half but got conservative in the second. We must keep attacking to be successful. Still, Snyder got outcoached on both sides of the ball. He didn't switch out of his wide tackle six on defense and ran straight at us very little. He relied too much on his erratic QBs. Those two guys were really bad. If they got anybody open, they either missed him or the guy dropped it.

Vanden Bosch when he is healthy is awesome. Lohr and Slechta did a great job on the pass rush. K-State never did anything consistently well. Allen is the real deal, and we couldn't stop him when we let him touch the ball. Stella made two big plays in the kicking game again. He just can't get on the field enough for me.

Frank is using Crouch like we used Frost, as another running back with QB draws, traps and counters. He is our best runner and we are now exploiting him. He followed Miller in the hole a couple of times and that worked great. With Wistrom, Bobby and cousin Matt, we have three real threats. Wistrom is not fast, but man he can really catch the ball.

We have no choice now but to play Diedrick. He hangs onto the ball and runs very well and runs with his eyes. Several times from my end zone seats I saw him find the hole. He changes direction quickly and is much faster than the other two. If he is as good as he looks that will give us a very balanced offense with threats at every position.

We will talk about the game against the Vermin next week. But if they play their normal game and we play ours, this game won't be close. A huge win, and you've got to love it for Frank's and Crouch's confidence.
-- The Colonel



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