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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 6, 2000

Well, we overpowered an outmanned team. And while that is never boring, it doesn't prove anything either. We need to play a great game against a quality team, and this week we get that chance. So far we are 1-1 against teams with athletes to match ours.

Our defense was much more aggressive and I thought that Vedral was impressive. The offense ran over them with power. We took care of business -- it was our standard rout. Lord continues to improve. He was a little shaky went he first got in there, but he settled down and threw the ball well, particularly on the pass to Davies (who by the way will turn out to be the best fullback we have ever had).

I don't know why we didn't throw the ball more just for practice. The game was over by the middle of the second quarter and we kept running. I know we had to re-establish our power game. But I would think that as poorly as we threw last week we would try a few more passes. We will need to throw the ball effectively this week to win.

The defense was more aggressive and got better pressure this week, and again that had something to do with the opponent. Kansas has always been the cure for what ails us. But it is time to get back to business. This is the game that we cannot lose. A loss will ruin our season and give them confidence that they can play with us on an annual basis. K-State believes that we have their number and so do we. Ol' Bill will have them all tensed-up for this one. The key to the game is Beasley. If he plays well it will be a dogfight. If he plays like he has lately and we hang on to the ball, we should win. They have a lot of talent , maybe more than we do except at the most important position. We need to put the game in Crouch's hands and let him run. The line has to play up to its capabilities and Frank has to do a better job of making adjustments. Crouch and our attitude are the biggest differences in the teams.

We have lost control the national championship picture. But it is even more important to win the league, and that is in our control. Defeat is not an option in this game. Saturday we will find out what we are made of.
-- The Colonel



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