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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 26, 1998

The only coaching decision I have totally disagreed with was to play Bobby when was obviously impaired. We have made a decision not to play Bobby unless he was close to 100 percent. What took so long? Christo displayed very good leadership and play-calling but is limited athletically. Crouch is a playmaker and will only get better, so he is my choice to be the starter. He can't stay healthy, either, so I would also play Christo some.

Bobby not practicing really caught up with us at the end of the first half. We let 15 seconds run off the clock before Cousin Matt finally called time. Then we called time with the clock already stopped. And Bobby missed Matt after he had spun the MU defender in circles.

We also had to call time to get the defense in the game on the goal line in the first half. In the second half we take an illegal sub penalty because we didn't get the right people in the game soon enough. This was the eighth game -- it's about time for us to get organized.

I liked the game plan of pounding right at them. It worked all day as long as we stuck with it. We controlled the line on both sides of the ball. Don't underestimate how important Lance Brown's leadership is to this team, and it was great to get him back out there. Buckhalter did his workmanlike job. He carried 25 times, but I'd like to see Alexander get some of those carries. The defense was dominant, and I thought we did well when we put three interior linemen in for some ballast. We attacked the line and let Corby try to beat us, and he couldn't. This was the real Corby, not the game of his life we saw last year.

This game was very frustrating for me because early we seemed determined to use a one-legged QB. And later we just couldn't stop making stupid mistakes. We were stronger and in control of both lines the whole day. This should have been an easy win. We must cut down on our errors and get more organized if we are going to run the table.
-- The Colonel



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