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Week of Nov. 3, 1996

I ain't about to sit here and gloat about what happened Saturday, even though I never thought I'd see the day when we'd hang 70-plus on the Sooners. OU, it's plain to see, is one sorry outfit -- no better than the cupcake coming up this weekend. Still, the Colonel got some sort of warped satisfaction out of seeing the Huskers ring up more points in 40 minutes than they managed to score on OU in the 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977 games put together.

More first-down passes early in the game would've softened up the Sooner defense, but Tom was determined to try to grind it out on the ground. He just does that sometimes, and he must have his reasons. Our QB regressed some, but he wasn't helped any by the early play selection and the performance of a certain tight end. Frost has yet to look good on the road, but at least his bad days are getting better.

I haven't heard what Tom's plans are, but Ahman sure does need a rest this week to mend that toe. His running is getting worse and worse. Let's have him back at 100 percent for the CU game -- not that we'll really need him. The buzz I hear from Colorado is that even the CU faithful know the Buffs don't have a prayer on Nov. 29.

When Lance Brown did that somersault into the end zone, didn't it take you back to the '70s and another No. 14? I'm talking about John O'Leary. His flip, unlike Brown's, was a hot-dog act, and Osborne made him pay the price in practice the next week. Anyone out there remember what game that happened in?

One last thing: Earth to John Blake . . . The refs did blow that call, but no way was it a fumble and Sooners' ball. It was an incomplete pass. So it should have been second and eight instead of second and two. You call that a turning point?
-- The Colonel



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