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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 4, 2005

It was great to hear the old stadium rocking like it did in overtime on Saturday. I thought that Zac had a terrific game and the West Coast looked like the offense that I have seen in the pros. The slants and crossing patterns were open all day and Zac for the most part did a good job of hitting our receivers in stride. Ross proved to be a versatile back and he produced a great run on the screen pass. McKeon has really come out of nowhere become a playmaker. Moore stepped-up and as always the only way to stop Carricker is to hold him.

The passing game worked as it supposed to. Zac was hot and Swift, Mulkey, and Fluellen contributed. Swift looked very good in the spring and I was impressed with his and Mulkey’s ability to hold on to the ball while absorbing hits. Hardy drops too many balls to be counted on. His drop and Congdon’s miss could have been a turning point in the game. The line had by far its best game of the year. Zac took some hits but for the most part he was well protected. The running game was non-existent but the passing game was efficient producing almost 8 yards per attempt compared to 4.4 in the first 3 games. Perhaps most importantly the shifting came out of the offense and so we stopped tricking ourselves. Unfortunately we had the problems associated with a passing team, moving the ball and not producing points. We must develop a running game or at least a short yardage running game.

The front 7 continues to be a team strength. They applied pressure and stopped their running game. The corners remain a work in progress and must be protected by an aggressive pass rush from the front 7. Also if we are blitzing we have to play the corners tight to prevent the quick passes Meyer hit Saturday. Our secondary is very vulnerable and will be a concern all year.

The questions I have are the following.. Was it worth burning Jackson’s red shirt to line-up on offense and be a gunner on kick-off coverage? Where were Glenn and fullback in short yardage situations? Where is Dyches when Congdon is inconsistent? Why doesn’t Nunn return all the punts?

The bottom line is that was an important win. Any win we get now is important. This win has to be a boost to the team’s confidence. Now it is on to Texas Tech. I am sure they are a good team but I don’t understand why people think they are unbeatable. They beat 3 patsies and struggled with Kansas. I believe that this is going to be another tight game. One last thing. ABC closed its game coverage by showing our helmets being held in the air. That was a great visual.

Keep The Faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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