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Colonel Mustard

Oct. 8, 1997

This is moving week for the Mustard family (the Colonel, the Missus, and the fast-maturing Junior Mustard), so things are way outta control and I'm lucky to get these few words in. Boxes everywhere! And God knows where they've put my Steve Manstedt autographed jockstrap. I'd sure hate to have to go out and get a new centerpiece for the kitchen table.

Anyway, some quick thoughts about the K-State game: The left corner spot remains a huge problem, no matter how the coaches try to sugar-coat it. Doesn't seem to matter who they put back there, none of them can cover. You just gotta hope Wistrom & Company keep the heat on the QB, or we're toast.

Green runs fast but still not consistently tough. Seems there's too much Redwine in him and not enough Rozier. Sure, Ahman was rackin' up the yards Saturday night, but why just the token use of Buckhalter?

Alexander ran tough and Newcombe will be a great wingback. We've got a lot of young talent that will be fun to watch for years. What's not so fun to watch right now is three of our guys back there trying to return a punt. Someone please tell them that only one of them gets to catch it, and then the idea is to run forward with the ball.
-- The Colonel



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