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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 11, 2002

Well, that was a really bad Kansas team, and I have seen really bad Kansas teams. I was there the last time we lost to these guys, and that won't happen soon. We beat them in workmanlike fashion. The problem I have is that we didn't work on our passing game enough. But this game got us into a bowl, and this year that is a big deal. Stuntz got to play a great deal and I was wrong about him. He is a gamer and a solid athlete, but has a short arm and speed. He is not a Big 12 quarterback. I hope he switches positions or transfers, for his own good.

As my friend Darren says, our goal should be to win the Big 12 title and the ultimate goal is always the national championship. But first, we have to win the north and to do that year in and year out we have to beat K-state and the vermin. So if we can win the next two games the season will be a success on some level and get ourselves a better bowl. I don't want to play at 4 p.m. or before Christmas. We need to split the next two games at least to build momentum for next year. Preview on Friday. Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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