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Colonel Mustard

April 25, 2003

Very impressive proformance by the baseball team so far. We have more power than a year ago. The pitching is coming around behind a dominant Marsden. After watching both the Mizzou and the Texas series I am most impressed with our team's ablity to come back. When you are in the stadium you can just sense that they will come back. It is the same felling that one used to have in football.

Gordon probably has the most pure talent on the team. We have had a problem at third for the past couple of years. But a real frosh hitting clean-up on a top-ten team is special. When we have Leise, Bruce and Anderson in the outfield, that has got to be as good a defensive outfield as there is in college. Joe is a great shortstop who makes a play worth watching every game. He is our best overall player and his glove and arm are amazing.

For all of our struggles in the fall, this is still an amazing story, because a northern baseball power is quite a feat.
-- The Colonel



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