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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 22, 1997

This was a defining game -- total domination in our traditional style. We were way too strong for them. It reminded me of how we manhandled the Gators. I know Frost had a fine game, but it was our two lines that made it all possible. And without a doubt, Tom outcoached Washington. I liked the three new formations we used, particularly the one with two wingbacks. And he didn't have Frost audible, which helped tremendously. My only beef is that he had Frost take a knee on those last two snaps. Having three 100-yard rushers against the nation's top run defense would've been real sweet.

Our offense looked like they were running downhill all day, but Ahman still isn't himself, even though he did run better and threw a real nice block on one of Frost's TDs. On defense, it looks like we will have to keep heavy pressure on the QB, or else our young DBs are almost sure to get burned. It is disturbing that we weren't more resourceful -- another missed FG by Brown, and two possessions where we get inside the 5 but settle for field goals because of penalties. Sloppy stuff like that was what kept the Central Florida score close, too. We're entering a stretch in the schedule where we can't afford close games.

Because of the poll system, perception counts for an awful lot. Until Saturday, the perception was that Nebraska was no longer among the nation's elite. The UW game was probably our last chance all season to do something about that. And did we ever! It just might rank as one of our five most important wins ever. We are back.
-- The Colonel



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