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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 3, 1999

Our game against Kansas was ugly, but at least it was a win, and it will make our next two opponents somewhat overconfident.

We were completely flat in a game against a bad team. These kids aren't machines, They were down after an enormous disappointment and they were playing Kansas. I can't say that I am surprised.

We can't run or pass when the other team expects it. We must continue to mix it up, especially on first down. We fall into the habit of running on first down, and we must stop running into eight-man fronts. We don't have the personel to do it. Our playmakers are at QB and WR. We must get the ball in their hands. We are a good running team and a good passing team. When we mix it up we are hard to stop. We can't become predictable because then anyone will stop up.

In Lawrence, the defense played uninspired and Kansas continually picked up our blitzes. Football is a game of emotion, and on Saturday we had none and played like it.

That brings me to A&M. We have a better team than these guys and we are playing at home and should win. Their offense is inconsistent and we should shut them down. We can score enough on their defense to win, even though they do have talent on defense. This team reminds me of Southern Miss. They have and have always have had athletes. I don't think their coach is all that hot. Our team needs the crowd to really be into the game this week. We will be ready to play, and i think the crowd could make a big difference.

Our team and particuliarly Crouch and Frank really need to win a big game. This week and next make or break our season. I believe that neither one is good enough to come to Lincoln and beat us.
-- The Colonel



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