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Colonel Mustard

March 5, 2010

Huskerpedia has become the first stop for many Husker fans on a daily basis. My great friend Joe Hudson and David Max with a great deal of effort have produced the premier Husker website on the net. I have spoken personally with a great many of you who depend on the site for their news. They have produced unique content including the commentary of your humble correspondent. I know that this is a labor of love for both of these gentlemen.

However, the Huskerpedia domain name is no longer in their control and someone else is profiting from their hard work. I write my commentaries for Joe, David and the Husker fans who follow the site. I am therefore demanding that my content be removed from the Huskerpedia.com site. My content, including a discussion of the Spring Game, will be available from here forward at Huskermax.com.

Please support us in this effort to make things right.
-- The Colonel



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