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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 15, 2004

We hung in there and didn't get blown out, and that is a testament to the grit of our team. They were trying to score as many points as possible, and I have no problem with that. They are playing the BCS, not us. For those of you who have been saying that we don't have enough talent, you were right this week. They were superior in every area; it was most evident in both lines. If there is such a thing as noble defeat, this was it. We never had a chance to win, but we didn't get slaughtered. The fact that any of us including me feels good about the result shows how far we have fallen. Our team never gave up and played hard to the end of the game. That is a very good sign and I am proud of their effort.

As far as the game itself, running the ball was a sound strategy. Especially with the injuries to our receivers it is our best chance to win. If Bill had followed this strategy last week, we would have won. We will need to run the ball on the Vermin. Bill took the game out of Joe's hands, limiting the opportunity for mistakes. We had problems in the passing game additionally because we couldn't protect Joe. Ross is a great player as I have said all year. He is having as fine a individual year as any back we have ever had. Maybe this week Bill can call a different play instead to calling the lead draw over and over. Our offense is totally dependent on him and he continues to have a great year. Note to Bill, this is the college game and even though the pros don't run the fullback, it is legal at this level.

On defense we are too passive and what was a fine pass defense last year is helpless this year. Our secondary looks lost and these guys just didn't forget how to play this year. But our players played hard and showed a tremendous amount of pride in holding OU to 30 points. The schemes are not working and in my mind the defensive coaching situation needs to be addressed after the season. We need better players and there is no doubt about that, but the players we have are not playing up to their capability.

I have just one special-teams comment and know I am not a coach, but note to Busch — Sandro misses FG's and David makes them. This has gone on throughout both of their careers. To me the choice is easy.

The bottom line is that Bill has to beat the Vermin. He needs to get the team to a bowl for the exposure, recruiting and most of all extra practices. A win here and in the bowl game along with a top-rated recruiting class would give us momentum for next year. What is disappointing is that unlike Pitt, K-State, A&M and the Vermin, our team hasn't improved as the year has gone on. Bill needs his team to play with a sense of urgency, and the fans need to be in the game in a big way. Bill needs to beat the Vermin a lot more than Frank did. They are beatable, and they don't have better talent than we do, and we should be on a mission. That should be enough for us to pull one out. I will be there and rooting as hard as I can.

We need a win badly. Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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