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Sept. 27, 2002

Several of you e-mailed the question about the need for an offensive coordinator and play-caller. I omitted that from my ideas because I have said many times and say again now, that is necessary. But, we have discussed the big picture enough -- it is time to talk about the game on Saturday.

First, we win, because we have to. Iowa State would like to, but their season doesn't hinge on a win. They have trouble running and stopping the run and always have. They have improved in many ways, but they still struggle with run defense. They have the best player on the field and a ton of confidence. We need to run right at these guys and see if they can stop it. Look for a lot of Maryland I and our big boys in the backfield. Then we can augment that with the play-action pass. LeFlore didn't move up the depth chart to block. Keep Lord's reads simple and roll him out to take advantage of his athleticism.

On defense we should man-up Groce on Danielsen and take him away. Play five DBs and blanket the field. They are a passing team and we need to get pressure on Wallace. He is like Lord in that he is at his best when the play breaks down. We need to play our young pass-rushers Adams, Smith and Kabongo.

This could easily be high-scoring game. The bottom line is that we have better athletes overall than they do. And if Frank can't get them emotional and focused to play in this game … well, then I wonder if he ever will. This is a game that we can't lose. The last one of these for Frank we lost at Kansas State two years ago. I expect us to play very well. We win because we have to.
-- The Colonel



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