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Oct. 23, 2000

We have a lot to talk about this week. Let's start with the Baylor game. That was perfect, we used Crouch just a little and Lord got to play with the first team. The backup I-backs were fun to watch. I still don't understand why Diedrich doesn't play more. The second-team line got a great deal of time. Remember, one of the best things about our program is that our young linemen always have game experience. Our D played well, but that was not a true test. The best thing about this game is that Crouch should be 100%.

Now Oklahoma. The Sporting News says they are the best team in the league already, no matter what the polls say. This is just what I want them to hear. For two weeks everyone has been telling them they are great. Heupel for the Heisman. As my friend Darren says, college teams come out of bye weeks flat. Oklahoma being off last week is a good thing. I believe that they will go into the game overconfident.

Despite all of the skill players in this game, it will come down to the lines. We need to run right at Oklahoma's 265-pound D-line and control the ball. Their D is a speed defense and so we need to attack the middle to open up the outside. Bobby will play some I-back this week. Crouch needs to get between 25 and 30 carries. I have worried about his workload up to now because I knew we would need him this week. Pound the middle and throw first-down play-action passes. Like I always tell you in big games, if our standard stuff is working we are in business. I don't think they can stop our power running game and we must not play into their hands by going wide until we establish the inside run. On defense we must hit ol' Josh every play. We have to rush as many people as it takes to do that. If we can get pressure with five, we are in good shape. If it takes more, it will turn into a game of big plays. Sacks and turnovers for us and long TDs for them. But no matter what it takes we can't lay back and play bend and don't break. Also we will use six DBs to match their five wideouts. They want a WR match on one of our safeties or linebackers. That is why Ricketts has played so much the last two games is that we will have four corners in the game.

I believe this will be a shoot-out. I don't think they can stop us. And I hope we can slow them down. We have to keep up the pressure on Heupel even if they hit a couple of big plays. We could also use a big special-team play -- a blocked punt, or Bobby is due to break another one.

This will be a long week. I am very excited about this game. Our team really needs a big game and I think is itching to play one. We are used to the big game and they aren't . Let's hope we don't help them as K-State did. I think if we win Saturday, we will win the national championship. We won't play a tougher team in a tougher atmosphere.
-- The Colonel



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