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Oct. 4, 1999

That was a pro-style game in that we scored enough points and took our foot off the gas. Part of the problem is that we lack skill-position depth and so the backups don't score. Frank has to let Perino pass when he is in the game, because if he has to play he will have to pass to move the team and he needs the practice in game conditions.

The defense was excellent again. I know they let down in the second half but defense is intensity and that is hard to maintain when you are way ahead. The problem that I saw was way too many receivers running open in both halves. Fortunately the O-state QBs couldn't hit them. The Texas game will tell the story on our pass defense. But I really like the way our D-line penetrates and controls the line.

Crouch played his best game; he just gets better every week. He ran the option very well and threw just fine. But he is confident and this is his team, no doubt about it. And several times he displayed that he is just a great athlete. Frank used bobby much better than before, on reverses and as a decoy. He changes the defense just by being on the field -- the defense has to account for him.

Buckhalter is outplaying Alexander but I would still play both because I think Alexander has more potential. We can move the ball as long as we spread the field and continue to throw the ball on first down. Against good defenses we can't just line up and run our standard plays -- the second half proved that. In the first half when we threw and ran reverses it opened everything else up. We looked better in the first half offensivly than we had looked all year, and we did it against a good defense.

We did a great job of clock management at the end of the first half. We got our plays in quickly in the first quarter and our offense got into a rhythm. Later in the game the plays were slower getting in and it hurt us. Crouch needs to get to the line with 10 seconds and even better 15 left on the play clock. But lately many times it is less than 5. But in the first quarter Saturday it was perfect.

One player I have failed to mention is Garrison, our frosh punt snapper. He has been remarkable and has gotten very little notice.

The Texas and the A&M games this weekend make me feel good about our chances. If we can win at Austin, I think we can run the table.
-- The Colonel



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