HuskerMax™ offers a variety of online advertising opportunities for businesses that identify with Husker sports. Various advertising, sponsorship and business directory listing possibilities are available.

Our demographics cover all 50 states and your advertising can be targeted to your specific market area. For example within 50 miles of Lincoln or 100 miles of Phoenix so you ad will only be seen by the geographic region that you want to target.

We also offer the option of targeting specific pages only such as the front page, game day page for each game or any other page that you want to target.

HuskerMax™ is the largest single team sports site on the Internet with over 150,000 content pages and links to Husker information published by Joe Hudson and David Max since 1995.

To discuss setting up a personalized advertising and marketing campaign and if your business is based in Nebraska, please contact:

Jill Masek
Call 402-475-4567 or by email to [email protected]

For advertising and marketing campaigns originating outside the state of Nebraska and for video advertising, please contact:

David Max
[email protected]