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Colonel Mustard

Sept. 13, 2006

The USC game is here and this will be a great test of the progress of our program. We have proven that we can smash inferior teams. That is progress compared to the last two years when we failed to put away lesser teams. This game reminds me of the last time that I saw USC-Nebraska in person. In 1969 we were coming off two 6-4 seasons and were at the low point of the Bobfather's regime. We were in the process of changing our offense from the T to the I. In '67 and '68 the offense lacked playmakers and was lackluster. USC was coming off a national championship and had been a premier program throughout the '60s. We lost that day 31-21 but the game was much closer than the score indicated. We were plagued by a couple of bad calls that could have made it closer. The result proved that we could compete with the very best teams in the country. There are so many comparisons of then and now that it is almost eerie.

This is the most interesting game since the Rose Bowl and our chance at the national spotlight. This game does not make or break our season. In that regard the Missouri and Iowa State games are more important. But if we are extremely completive in the game win or lose it will give the players and the entire program a boost of confidence. If we get blown out it doesn't ruin the season, it simply indicates that we haven't progressed enough to play at the highest level. My biggest concerns are the mismatch of their superb WR on our corners. Additionally, can our offensive line pass protect against an extremely athletic defense? I know that our players are very excited to play this game. I hope not too hyped as we used to be against Oklahoma. USC looks at this as just another game. We beat a Michigan team with more talent because our guys were more ready to play.

Games like this are why we are college football fans. Our fan support will make the Coliseum a neutral site and I am extremely excited to see if this will be another 1969 game.

Keep the faith. GBR.
-- The Colonel



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